New Arrival: Life Changing Croissants Baked Twice!

by Timothy Cox on February 07, 2021

There are good sweet, baked treats and then there are life changing ones.  What I mean by that is there are some foods that are such a mouth party you never forget where you were when you first tried it.  Alon's Bakery in Atlanta is the city's  French baker of record.  That's why we had no problem giving this unique Twice Baked Croissant a try.  

The picture speaks for itself but doesn't entirely do the pastry justice.  It's as big as a Burger King Whopper® yet you can still taste each individual ingredient in every bite.  We're enjoying seeing the reaction of our customers in our Decatur, Georgia store . . . their eyes are big and their smile is wide.  We believe food carries love with it; that's why we celebrate (and love) every bite.

Here at look for more unique and gourmet food items from brands that are as giftable as they are edible.  Ticket Chocolate, Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers, Abdallah, Raaka, No Whey! Foods, Sweet Shop USA, and of course Sugarfina®


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