In The Beginning There Is Love

by Timothy Cox on February 03, 2021

It's February 2021, the month of love.   As we embark on a new venture for the Eco Denizen brand, we hope all the recipients of our curated product selection will soon smile and show their appreciation.  The focused mission of is to share the love in life by giving.

We all remember receiving gifts throughout life, but I seem to remember even more clearly what I have given.  After all, many times we spend days or even weeks planning the perfect gift presentation.  Of course the event is often sealed in our memory because of the facial expressions and true joy expressed by the recipient.  Sure the thought counts, but I think the effort counts as well. exists to take the guesswork out of gift giving and to take the guilt out of gift buying.  Who made it, where was it made, whom did it benefit?  These are some of the questions we ask ourselves before we bring a product on board.  After all the positive energy of gift giving can be diminished significantly if someone or something was harmed during the production or delivery process.

We are always looking for product suggestions.  Keep the lines of communication open!  Let's make them say: "I love the gift!" @ilovethegift

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by Margaret Miller on November 20, 2021

Wanted to see your greeting cards.
A woman was talking about your store on nextdoor and mentioned that you had a nice selection of greeting cards.


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