A Burning Desire To Get It Right

by Timothy Cox on February 20, 2021

We have had a relationship with LAFCO New York candles for more than five years.  Like our leadership team at, LAFCO has a burning desire to get it right.  In their marketing materials the New York based company talks about striving to deliver as pure of an experience as possible.  We love the words sustainable, natural and high quality.  LAFCO goes a step further to say they are aiming toward a guilt-free experience.

The glass vessels are handblown.  The wicks are 100% cotton and cleaner burning.  The fragrances are essential oil based. LAFCO has roots in the botanical skin care industry and that means their products "look, smell, feel good, and are good for you".

Just into us here at are the Champagne - Penthouse and Marine - Bathroom fragrances.  Champagne is an exquisite blend of ginger, grapefruit, and raspberry while the Marine brings together bergamot, marine, and jasmine.

LAFCO is one of those companies we are proud to align with year in and year out.  Better for you, better for the planet: sounds good to us.


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